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Who are we?

Local-Tour-Guides.org is a brand-new, Spain-based Coop. Our project was born just as all good projects are born: with a glass of wine in the hand and some good friends to share ideas with.
After having accumulated some experience in the world of tourism, we founders of Local-Tour-Guides.org were able to aknowledge which were the best and worst practices of the companies we had worked in. Using this knowledge in our favour, we took the decision to start our own project with the aim of providing the best service, always keeping in mind our ethical values in the process. What will actually come out of it in the end is for you to decide!

Which languages do we speak?

Our international expertised team of professional tour leaders and local tourist guides speak more than 8 languages, so you’ll enjoy your trip no matter where you come from. Not only do we count on the enriching point of view of non-Spanish team members, but the Spanish founders of the project have also spent several years of their lives living abroad, which encouraged them to lead a multicultural team of professionals 21st-century-style.

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Why choose us?

We offer high-quality, environmentally responsible and socially engaged tours.
Why high-quality? – Well, our tourist guides are authorised by the government of Andalusia. What does this mean? In short, the quality of out tours is high.
Why environmentally responsible? – Well, we do our best to avoid polluting means of transport. Bus, bicycle, walking… everything’s fine for us, as long as our planet doesn’t have to suffer for your little piece of fun.
Why socially engaged? – Well, unlike most some of our competitors, we offer well-paid, win-win-concept-driven jobs to our workers. We also certify that our collaborators get paid according to the most favourable market conditions

We provide:

Multicultural Focus
Personalised Routes

Great Customer Service
Support in +7 Languages
Translation and Interpreting Services
Authorised Local Tour Guides

Superbe Driver-guides
Personal Enriching Experiences
Unforgeattable Moments
…and much more!

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