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Visit the Moorish Jewel of The Alhambra with us


Visit the amazing moorish jewel of Spain:

The Alhambra in Granada

Admire it’s wonderful decoration pieces. Let yourself go through the palaces and private rooms of the Nasrid Kings. Discover the legacy of all kings and queens who have once and again fallen in love with this wonderful living piece of art


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Students & Teachers

Our April '16 Group of Spanish Students in Poland

Among our staff, we also count with highly specialised educators who can offer a riveting, exciting new point of view for your students, who will not only have lots of fun while traveling, but also learn many interesting facts and have a direct, life-changing contact with the most different ways of life as well.


For further information, please fulfill our Contact Form and we will be pleased to offer you any help we can.


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Night Tour in Granada

This is definitely one of our favourite ways of visiting our beloved Andalusian Jewel, the city of Granada.

Start your tour before Dusk.

Climb up to the coolest points of view up on the hill of Albayzin.

Enjoy the playful colours dancing around every corner of the moorish Medina.

Breath deeply and smell the scents of past times long gone by.



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Gastronomy as you never tasted bofore

Take one of our Tapas Tours!


The Spanish Cuisine is becoming more and more popular all over the world during the last decades. This year Huelva has been awarded the privilege of representing the Spanish Cuisine as Spain’s Gastronomic Capital 2017, after Toledo’s turn in 2016.

In our knowledge of all sorts of gastronomical high-lights enables us to provide our clients with a vast range of varied regional cuisines. Let the flavours of the land persuade you and take you to a whole new travel experience.

We strongly recommend to take any of our Tapas Tours in the most charming cities of Spain such as Granada, Toledo, Córdoba or Cádiz, some of wich are to be found in the list of World Cultural Heritage by the Unesco